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  1. What a shame to see those 4 aircraft just sitting out in the weather like that.
  2. Hey Mach, a really great suggestion regarding your cockpit and having survival equipment close to hand in an emergency, it's something that I had not given a lot of thought to, probably due to my choice of aircraft, but something that would need good consideration for pilots of fixed wing aircraft. For me, my KTI was always on my arm, in supplied holder, attached to lanyard around my neck with aerial out and ready to use if required, with my plan being to activate it prior to landing, that way it was going and I would be located regardless of my physical condition. Sadly it is no longer an
  3. Give Denis at Bright Big 4 a call, not only is he a very welcoming and helpful chap but also as a pilot will be able to give you a good heads up about the area
  4. Personally, when I look up during flight, I'm more than happy to see a big kite just above me, lot more reassuring than looking up and hoping the blades are still there, as we say here in Oz, yeh .........NAH!!
  5. Hmmm, just wondering if the "King Song" would be classed in the same category as Segways and similar equipment, if so, unless things have changed in the past couple of years, they are actually illegal to use on public thoroughfares, footpaths, places, without, wait for it, the appropriate licensing and permits, even those little hoverboard thingy's that were all the go a couple of years ago are actually illegal in public places. A couple of years ago my wife and I looked into starting up Segway tours in our local area, it could be done, as it already is in other areas, but the amount of redt
  6. Hi Danny, possibly worth a call to the ultra light museum at Holbrook in NSW Contact Us. they have a few U/L engines, both one offs and commercial on display there, so someone may be able to help, cheers, Ross
  7. Obviously no "failure of calculation" back in the good old days Bex Sorry Bex, must have hit a raw nerve, The sad truth is that the $20 uni would probably last just as long as the $800 "Ubeaut" special so which is the garbage? I do get your point though, I was, however, commenting more on the fact that back in the day most people took a lot more pride in their workmanship, stuff was just built to last. Today with our "disposable" mindset, its more like, build it as cheap as possible so that when it stuffs up we can throw it out and buy another one, I guess there is just no room for pride i
  8. "After 37 years, engineers this week tried to fire up a set of thrusters on the craft - and they worked perfectly." Of course they did, stuff was built to last in the good old days, not like a lot of the garbage built today! Read more: NASA fires up Voyager thrusters dormant for 37 years | Daily Mail Online Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  9. Hey Peter, thanks for the write up, thoroughly enjoyed it, hoping to get there soon myself, cheers, Ross
  10. Looks a bit small for a Jabiru nest
  11. I love seeing old aircraft being revisited here, especially ones, like the Beverly that I have never heard of til now, along with the reminiscing of gents who have spent many more years than I committing aviation, thanks to you for sharing your thoughts, memories and experiences with us all. It is also great to see the next generation/s getting that chance to fly as well. When I was learning to fly it was all about me learning to fly, it was just something I had to do, later after receiving my passenger endorsement, my first passenger was my then 24 yr old son, after that something changed
  12. Something new and different. Not quite RAA but I reckon there would be quite a lot of recreation to be had in a rig like this, looks like a lot of fun.
  13. My number 1 rule in flight, if the wing goes faster than the fuselage, it isn't safe, love the theory but they aren't popular for a reason, just my 2 cent worth, cheers.
  14. Ok as a bit of a side track, just watched a show last night about the Antonov AN-124, so as Admin had put the Flight Radar link here I decided to have a look at the whereabouts of any of the said aircraft, turns out that UR-82008 is currently flying over Australia, having passed over Broome at about 10:30 EST and has now just crossed over the WA - NT border tracking towards Yulara. no listed destination at this time. Flight number is ADB2068 currently cruising at around 35k ft at 506 kts, will be interesting to see its final destination, if its Melbourne, I'm in the car and going! As an ed
  15. Ian, firstly, thank you for raising what is certainly a very difficult topic to discuss, simply (? no not really) because there are just so many aspects to depression to go over and it effects so many people in so many different ways. I just want to go back to P.McC's first comment, I don't think he was actually advocating that, going flying will cure what ails you, he was simply sharing what he did and how it helped him and I have to admit, I to, tend to feel on a bit of a high for a few days after having committed aviation. I will also admit that I too have suffered from different levels
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