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Seventy plus years of being an aeroplane nut helps! Memory goes back to seeing the Bristol Brabazon fly over Edinburgh. Add to that a bookshelf full of reference books and you have your answer!

And for those of us not into 70 years of being a nut ... 40 years + reference library + a job years while at Uni watching hundreds of hours of film and building an index to the archive - getting paid

Yes, Googles algorithms find virtually everything that has ever been posted for public display. And I've spent 20 yrs fine-tuning my internet searching abilities.   As a little thread drift

Posted Images

prototype Aerostructures Sundowner

essentially a modified Chipmunk with metal covers and a Lycoming and ... Australian

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Another Aussie

The prototype Explorer by Tomair, which later changed its name to Cobra Aviation

Essentially a high-wing variant of the Cobra Arrow

Could be 3 seat in GA

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A CRJ-200ER with the engines on backwards? LOL! Good one! That must be the new Italian fighter jet design! Get away from the enemy at high speed! :cheezy grin:

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A Westland Wallace, also known as the Wapiti VII or PV-6. A two-seat general purpose biplane from the late 1920's, a further development of the early Westland Wapiti models, of which there were many, powered by a range of engines.



Well done!

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Here's a quickie without a piccy.


What aircraft had a turboprop in the nose and a turbo fan in the tail?

Test bed Lancaster - mamba up front and adder down the back plus 4 merlins on the wing.

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