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Flight of the Scout

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A mark 3 with the big 18hp Fuji robin engine, same as my first aircraft, learned to fly in it. Good performance and lots of fun on a calm evening. I think it cost about $3200 new and came in a box about the size of two coffins joined end to end.


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Every time I mention these types of flying machine to modern aviators, the ‘CASA lovers’ want to shoot me down 😞  Well, it’s coming……my day in the sky with NO registration and NO bullsh1t  will happen……it’s on my bucket list.  So, the little goody two shoes RA-aus and others will have to lump it.  It will probably have to be a night VFR flight at midnight on a full Moon….what fun that would be 🙂 

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10 minutes ago, spacesailor said:

Will a powered parachute meet that New ' part 103 ' regs !.


Yes, 4 manufacturers under the FAA FAR Part 103 in the U.S.   




No category as such in Australia, however I have been referred to our CAO 95.10?

that MAY allow unregistered aircraft to fly within the confines of the aircraft owners property, with restrictions?

This needs clarification?





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Interesting that NZ ultralights are all properly country (ZK) registered.

I went through Whanganui twice on the 20th June - by road, slurping my $3.15 a litre petrol.

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