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Following what was a very unnecessary series of events on Sunday October the 9th, I have been re-registered on this site. Unfortunately due to the way I was deleted, all of my posts for the last 6 months have been lost and only the posts prior to the site software changes of six months ago have been able to be restored. This is very disappointing from my perspective and has caused fragmentation of several threads I participated in. Not to mention the inability to refer to previous posts in new ones.


The unpleasant discourse that many of you would have witnessed is ended from my perspective. The incorrect reference to Blackrod and I driving this site for our own political gain have been removed. Errors of judgement were made and things were said that would never have been said had the events of that Sunday never occurred. A build-up of tension on the thread that I started on ‘the First RAA Board meeting following the RA Aus AGM’ was the trigger of the events.


I will say in defense of the governing bodies section (now removed) and the right of free speech on the way we the members of RA Aus are governed, that at no time were any of us forced to read or participate in that section. It was our choice to participate or not, as it is with any other section of this site. Significant gains were achieved from the open and transparent discussion on this site leading up to our RA Aus General Elections. This was witnessed by all those interested in our organisation and the way in which we are governed. This site was the sole dynamic open platform available to members to speak out on matters of governance that were important to them if they chose to do so. This would appear to be no longer possible.


Ian and I have settled the issue of difference and will get on with our lives, I trust for the wiser. I am pleased he has taken a break from the site administration for the sake of his health and I wish him the best.


Regrettably the damage done will be unrepairable for many and that may already be evident to some reading this post.


When we post on any public forum we should expect to stand scrutiny whether we are an ordinary member, a moderator or the site owner. If we are not prepared to stand scrutiny, then we should not post. There is nothing wrong with being wrong if you are mature enough to accept that we are all sometimes wrong.


The Rec Flying site a great facility, we provide the content with our views and expertise. This is a classic case of mutual dependency. If we don’t post, there is no site; without the site we can’t post. Why would we post in the face of irrational rhetoric and censorship?


Life goes on and there is nothing productive to be gained maintaining the rage, destructive attitudes and ‘Tit for Tat’ behaviour. This site and others are too valuable a resource for our aviation sectors to be expending energy on destructive behaviour. Life is too short not to make the most productive use of.





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...... has caused fragmentation of several threads I participated in....

I've just looked back at some threads where it seems that I was talking to myself.

...... Not to mention the inability to refer to previous posts in new ones...

Not a problem as I distinctly remember them all.In answer to your question of a few months ago - 26th November. That's the answer - do you know the question? Your posts were most memorable.



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Welcome back mate


You made a post that whilst you may have thought was ok, was against rule 2.4:


Members should not post messages which can provoke, harass, disturb, agitate other members whatsoever.


I reacted by deleting your posts and removed you from the site which I am entitled to do as site Administrator and the one paying for all this.


You then posted some very nasty comments on another site including using my name in a thread title (which I note is still being used)


I again reacted and posted here about both yours and Don Ramsay's posts on that other site


etc etc etc


Running a site of this size with thousands of users is always going to be one of the hardest things a person can do as you are always damned if you do and damned if you don't and you can't keep every person happy all the time so there will always be users that will feel their nose put out of place...there is a bigger picture here then any one single individual whether it be you, or any other user.


Whereas I do know your phone number David, the stupid thing that always happens in these types of cases is anyone on here can easily find out my phone number and simply give me a ring to straighten something out if anyone has a problem...I don't know the phone numbers of the thousands of the users on here though.


Back to taking my break...just popped in as Corrine and the kids are out



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