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  1. I'm not an Ambulance chaser here or in the old country, But to me, What you did was a clear cut case of "Self defence" And that is a legal defence for any action. Regardless of the fact that it was also the right thing to do. Good call. Darren
  2. Never have I seen a more appropriate T-shirt ... It takes him 30 min to list all the things he did wrong, Then he concludes that there is nothing to be learned from it, nothing to do differently...
  3. I would be very interested to hear from someone who has done both the "RAAus to RPL" and then the "RPL to Ppl" and whether they found the intermediate step worthwhile? Has anyone done this yet?
  4. Icon A5 plane crash kills two, including its lead designer
  5. We used to call the 80's the Greed decade. Our local council went looking for a developer to build houses inside our airport.
  6. That sounds like Crayonbox, he's hangered at YMYB now, but still active around Hervery Bay, Fraser etc.
  7. I would have thought in a lighty, if you knew the gear was staying up, you want to divert somewhere quiet? Maybe even grassy?
  8. Yep The secret is out now it's a flying car Bex has been developing all along!
  9. That, Makes me picture this, [/url] Powered like this,
  10. Yeah Let the trikers know about it too! Daza
  11. Pilot infront of wing engine behind via prop shaft, Ala P39 Airacobra p39 - Google Search
  12. Yes, But better than the alternative, where only the minority special interest groups bother to vote, and consequently they get whatever they want... Daza
  13. This is incorrect. Many cheaper Android tablets do not have GPS. I'm not aware of any Android tablet that has GPS and requires a network connection. However, some will take minutes(up to 20) not seconds to connect when out of sync. Daza
  14. Would a design cruise speed and horsepower be giving too much away? Daza
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