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  1. This is probably the most appropriate thread to ask if anyone has found or built an AoA gauge based on simple differential air pressure sensors. They are cheap as chips and presumably sensitive enough to give a good indication of the difference between air pressure above and below the wing- ie. how much lift you have.
  2. Old Koreelah

    A new iPad Mini

    Nice, but is the screen big enough to keep CASA happy?
  3. Old Koreelah


    A bit like saying mince meat when they mean spaghetti bog...
  4. Are you sure, T88? Surely a larger-diameter engine would be mounted higher, to maintain ground clearance.
  5. Old Koreelah

    BalanceMaster testing

    I fitted my Balance Master a couple of weeks ago. After lots of stuffing about trying to fit it in front of the prop, I gave up and just mounted it behind, between the drive hub and my spinner's back plate. Although the BM looks flat on one side, the mercury-filled tube protrudes about one mm, so bolting that "flat" face up against my spinner plate distorts it slightly. Lacking instruments to measure any difference in vibration, I can only report that it seems noticeably smoother when idling, so much so that it can now tick over down to 600 rpm, something it's never done before.
  6. If it wasn't for the paranoia of Stalin, Soviet aircraft designers would have swept the field. This video is a good antidote for generations of Soviet censorship and Western media bias.
  7. Old Koreelah

    The Russians really were aviation pioneers

    I agree, KG. But for Australia's status as a key ally (or lackey) of the US, we'd be far better off buying Russian jets and developing our own software for them. The Russians build warplanes tough and far more tolerant of rough conditions than American aircraft- surely more suitable for any future war on our turf. Our nearest neighbour has many of Russia's best fighters, while John Howard bypassed a RAAF selection process to lock us into buying the F-35- which might end up being a great system, but very dependant on refuelling tankers and US support.
  8. Old Koreelah

    We are going to the moon people!

    I totally agree, 1T. All the billions we have invested on defence could be for naught if a future enemy takes out our Comms and controls systems. Space junk gets lots of press, but I believe most current proposals are ar$e about face: they're trying to bring the junk back down to earth. It cost squillions to get all that valuable material up there, so why not gather it up and recycle it in orbit, building new and better satellites, space platforms and craft?
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    Affirm? Or Roger...

    Which is why I was taught to say "Traffic" before the location...
  10. Old Koreelah

    BalanceMaster testing

    Sure did, Mark. I don't want to bother him any further, especially after my bank fouled up a money transfer. It would be quicker to make up six washers to centre it. Good idea, BA, but doing that accurately is beyond my equipment and skill.
  11. Old Koreelah

    BalanceMaster testing

    Interesting, Callahan. I've also heard that from a mate who has a lifetime of experience with aeroplanes. He offered me his old balance ring, but it's filled with ball bearings, not mercury.
  12. Old Koreelah

    BalanceMaster testing

    No Bruce, I don't have any sort of vibe measuring instrument; I'm happy to rely on the difference in feel and sound. The newest to an objective measurement I'll have is my paper flight plans which I fill in as the engine is warming up. Going back thru a decade of them shows a noticeable change in the my writing- or maybe it's just Parkinson's...
  13. Old Koreelah

    BalanceMaster testing

    Thanks Mark, but that was never my intention. I want it against the front of the prop. My problem is how to ensure its well centred.
  14. Old Koreelah

    BalanceMaster testing

    In my Jab installation, an alloy crush plate fits in front of the prop; Belleville washers and a nylok nut fit over each bolt, If I put the BM between the crush plate and the prop, I need 6 well-fitting washers to centre it. If I fit the BM outboard of the crush plate, I'd need wider washers over it and under the Belleville washers, leaving me precious few threads past the nylok nut. Which is better?
  15. So true, FB. I knew a young bloke who shoehorned a Kawasaki Mach IV (750cc) engine into a Mach III. The standard frame could barely handle the lethal power of the 500cc engine. Shortly afterwards, he ended his days on a fast corner on the Pacific Highway not far south of Kempsey.
  16. Old Koreelah

    BalanceMaster testing

    I asked for it to be drilled for my prop, but it never occurred to me that I'd need to mention I wanted to mount it in front of the prop. Good point, OT. That's what I plan to do, because I'd be lucky to find washers of the same thickness, let alone size. I presume there's no reason I can't use aluminium sheet if I can find one the same thickness as my BM plate.
  17. Old Koreelah

    BalanceMaster testing

    I'm about to fit my new BM on my Jab 2.2. It has been drilled with quite large holes, presumably to fit over the prop drive lugs. Based on discussions on this thread I plan to mount it in front of the prop, where the 1/4" bolts poke out. I plan to fill these large holes with thin washers to accurately centre the plate. Anyone see a problem?
  18. Old Koreelah

    Corby Starlet Wanted

    There was a nice wooden home-built for sale at Cessnock a few years back. An impressive French design (but not a Jodel) from a deceased estate. Worth contacting the club.
  19. Old Koreelah

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    When our government tore up the "two-airline agreement" city people got cheaper flights, but rural people were the losers. Heaps of little towns lost their regular air services, oft used for medical reasons. Public transport services have also been reduced, putting more people on the roads. Now crazy bureaucrats want to bugger up a common-sense, grass-roots alternative.
  20. Agreed, Dean. Even gyros with "normal" paint jobs are very hard to see.
  21. I guess we'll be able to add an electronic noise generator to make our silent plane sound like a Merlin or big round engine...
  22. -except that a cabin heater has the potential to be the most dangerous item in the aircraft. Just make damned sure that you heed Kaspar's warning. It's so easy for CO to get into the cockpit, especially if your heat is coming from an exhaust shroud. Even tiny amounts of CO can kill you, because it displaces oxygen in your blood. CO detectors (not the silly credit-card seized ones) are not expensive.
  23. Old Koreelah

    Updraught cooling

    Why are most aircraft engines cooled by forcing air down thru the fins? Warming air naturally wants to rise, so updraught cooling seems more sensible. I believe it's been used successfully in Rutan-style pusher configurations where the exhausting air can exit from the top side of the engine. My baby exits its cooling air along the midline, into the low-pressure area above the wing, so it lends itself to updraught cooling. It should work better on full-power climbs, when engines get hottest because conventional cooling is hampered by the angle of attack. Before I rip out the existing cowl ducts, does anyone see a problem?
  24. Old Koreelah

    Qantas at war

    I've read a Japanese account of that action which mentions they lost at least one Zero pilot on the way home to Timor because of fuel lost thru bullet holes.