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    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    I agree Turbs. I'm not blaming police for stupid policies; just making the observation that they are as human as the rest of us. Several family members are with the coppers.
  2. Old Koreelah

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    As with many jobs, copper risk a lot if they decide to do the right thing:
  3. Old Koreelah

    CTSW Forced landing (uk )

    Interesting report, Phil. Is that aircraft built from carbon? That might explain why it's considered a write-off . Many Jabirus with far worse damage are repaired and returned to the air: one advantage of being constructed from low-tech fibreglass.
  4. Old Koreelah

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    I'm totally with you on that, M. It's often bleedingly obvious to the wallopers who the dangerous drivers are, but they'd be accused of victimisation or discrimination... - and don't get me started on the misuse of that word. All sensible people practise discrimination: we discriminate between good food and bad, between good TV shows and junk... Discrimination is essential for survival. But discrimination on the basis of factors that shouldn't matter (race, gender, orientation, etc) is quite another thing.
  5. Old Koreelah

    Coopers Gap Wind Farm Construction

    I recently visited the wind farm west of Glen Innes. There are scores of turbines, and they are said to power the whole north of the state on a good day. I've seen one turbine blade transported up the New England Highway and that was a logistic feat. To have brought a couple of hundred of them in is a major achievement. The sad thing is that Tony Abbott scared off the investors who were planning to build those blades in this country. They're all imported.
  6. Old Koreelah

    New Electric Ultralight/Light Sport

    ...and you wouldn't need such a long ugly undercarriage!
  7. Old Koreelah

    3 free Australian aviation museum online tours

    Thanks for that link, Andrew. I didn't know that Perth had a Lanc. Where is that Zero wreck? I admire all the work that goes into restoring old planes, but sometimes a wreck is just as interesting.
  8. Old Koreelah

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Indeed! Jodels are so beautiful they make up for all the ugly ones!
  9. Old Koreelah

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    I used to insist my wife and daughter do a few stick turns and panic stops on gravel, just to get a feel for handling the car. The other rule: never swerve to avoid an animal.
  10. Old Koreelah

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    A family member spent a few years administering speed cameras and he claims they were pretty much revenue neutral, given the huge amount of time spent calibrating them, in maintenance and defending fines in court. Remember, there are ample signs warning drivers that a radar camera is ahead. He also said most of the radar installations around the state were empty, as the few cameras were moved from one spot to another. Despite knowing this, I felt they provided a powerful incentive to keep to the speed limit. The current LNP government came to power promising to get rid of them. Within days of a local one being removed, we had two fatal accidents, taking four lives. These crashes happened within sight of where the speed camera had been recently removed. It would have saved the taxpayer mobs if the signs and empty cabinets had been left in place. It might also have saved lives. Interesting question, M. I guess it would require a lot of public education. I suspect the posted speed limit acts as a good regulator, keeping everyone at roughly the same speed. Riding on unregulated roads in the NT, I've come across cars doing anything from 80 to 180 on the same road. That can't be good for safety.
  11. Old Koreelah

    Cowl Air Temperatures

    If anyone is interested, in the last couple of days I made a few test flights with different carb air intake configurations. None made much difference to the high intake temperature readings I'd been concerned about. As someone suggested a few weeks back, turns out the probe was giving false readings. Being mounted right next to the exit tube, it was getting conducted heat as the plywood air filter box gradually heated up. The lesson here is how much heat is conducted from the engine bay thru the firewall, and how hot even insulators like wood can get. Now that the sensor is hanging in free air inside the air filter box, the temp readings are barely above ambient.
  12. Old Koreelah

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    I bow to your experience Turbs, but your scepticism sounds quite a bit like that which greeted horseless carriages over a century ago. I have no doubt that here in rural Australia the diesel 4WD will not be replaced by self-drive electrics any time soon, but in denser-settled areas the days of two or more fossil-fuel cars per household are numbered. I know inner city people who already live quite happily without a car. The trend towards more affordable housing will be helped enormously when people no longer have to spend up large on cars and garages. I look forward to streets no longer clogged with parked cars. How soon? Remember how fast TV and video swept away our movie theatres? Massive shopping centres turned town centres into ghost towns? Mobile phones displaced whole industries, as well as phone boxes? Self-drive technology is still imperfect, but so was lots of other technology which we now trust our lives to.
  13. Old Koreelah

    The over-eager neophyte crashes and burns.

    And the end of that era is nigh: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-45786690
  14. Old Koreelah

    Cowl Air Temperatures

    You have them too, Skippy? I've had a few too many brainwaves, particularly regarding my carby intake system. This morning I finally got to test the latest version, which sucks air thru a 60mm hole pretty much back where I had it originally. In the cool, smooth 25C air after last night's storm, the engine purred away beautifully, but the air temp upstream of the carby still crept up to 41C. That's mobs hotter than my original system. CHTs and EFT spreads are acceptable, but I guess It's running richer than need be. Why so hot, after I relocated the intake duct from the corner of the engine bay? Perhaps the air is getting warmed as it passes the exhaust pipe and hot cowling.
  15. Bluey I'm pleased to see you plan to vent your collector tank. Before I installed a vent in mine, it took a worryingly long time for fuel to get thru to a stopped engine. I've leaned that the fuel tank vents and where they are located are a very important part of any system. I rely on a second-hand fuel flow meter I bought from Maj. Millard. He warned that it may not be reliable, but over ten years it has averaged less than 5% error.
  16. Old Koreelah

    Fire resistant firewall??

    All types of fibreglass will burn, but worse than this, all resins lose their structural integrity as they heat up. As Nev suggests, anything that postpones this can save your life. Don't underestimate the value of wood as a fire insulator. A SS-lined plywood firewall is easy to integrate into a composite aircraft and will keep its shape far longer than fibreglass resin, which will quickly turn to slop.
  17. I'll be showing that to my grandies!
  18. I agree with the bulk of your post, OME, but the Conservative side of government bitterly opposed the SMS- then, when it was finished, Menzies proudly had his name put on the opening plaque. Whitlam's purchase of Blue Poles turned out to be a financial master stroke. It's value went thru the roof.
  19. Old Koreelah

    paraglider taken for a ride

    This was aired seven days ago. As you can see, the pilot had a few tense moments on take-off and some of the ground matting was ripped up. The willy-willy quickly passed and the pilot went on to glide several hundred km. I'm amazed that his canopy stayed open. I wonder what damage it would do to a fixed wing?
  20. Old Koreelah

    The XPB Stage 1 underway.

    Thanks for the thoughtful update, Bex. You will, no doubt, be a very difficult patient, and then return to this forum to once again provide a unique angle on life. Give 'me heaps.
  21. Pretty much a repeat of Hong Kong. China still smarts from the humiliation it suffered at the hands of foreigners (including Australians). The tables are now turned.
  22. Old Koreelah

    What`s Happening???

    Good to see the Aussie spirit of carrying on is alive and well, Frank. I've had some experience of that sort of floodwater and the worst part is the critters it brings. Flooding seems to be the major drawback of your awesome location; have you considered a mooring line for your drifter and JetSki?
  23. My little Jodel taildragger had slight toe-in and was all over the shop until I reversed the u.c. legs. Now, with slight toe-out, there are no more landing dramas.
  24. Old Koreelah

    Internally mounted Go-Pro ruling

    8. Could the device impede your exit in an emergency?
  25. Old Koreelah

    Brumby owner the new MHR for Mallee?

    Not my party, Turbs. But you're right, the media has not gone after a few ALP policiians who probably deserved it. However, it's clear that the current Coal-ition government has not copped near the flack they should have, especially compared to the fury endured by Julia Gillard during her quite successful term as PM.