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  1. Was 11 years building, testing phase now, I never looked at the kit as having a value, put the cost down as like tuition fees, that way there is no financial pressure to finish, I will never sell my plane complete either, I learnt lots during the build. So there are some compromises built into it. Its safe, a bit heavy but not really upto some other peoples “finish” expectations so may part it out to help build next one if I ever get bored with it. about half my build time was building an auto conversion engine, silly idea for first build. But I do now have an aircraft that owes me $0. And
  2. How about considering a video chat server embedded into this site. cause my typing is slow. My favorite is Jitsi but maybe others out there also.
  3. I actually had use google to see who you talking about. Hmmmm....... maybe someone in the lab just wants to keep him quiet.
  4. Cant see a problem with a bit of oil in the drum, Most Lycoming I've flown behind absolutely love burning oil, you can tell that by the amount that has to be added to the sump.
  5. A Patreon support style of allowing members to contribute is really what this site needs. Not just for now but for the rest of life of this site. Patreon is made to support Artists & Creators, Ian definately fits right into this description and deserves payment for his service to us members. If Ian required the support & guidance that Patreon provides then paying their 8 - 12% commission is warranted, otherwise, probably etter idea is to setup a similar system in clearprop that encourages members to join in supporting this site. I myself have in the past donated to this site and purc
  6. I have MGL instruments and like them, but Oleg’s setup is the way to go. Muct better value for money, pretty easy to put together, He gave a really good presentation on this at Ausfly Narromine in October. Home - Experimental Avionics EXPERIMENTALAVIONICS.COM DIY avionics for Experimental Aircrafts. Aviation related electronics projects based on modern microprocessors, micro-controllers and solid state sensors.
  7. Sailplane hours count towards CPL, and are fun & very cheap to accumulate. Also adds a level of skill that those afraid to turn the noise off never appreciate.
  8. Divide total cost by hours flown = cost per hour. In reality, double the planned costs & halve the planned hours
  9. No antiques here. I have efis + separate electronic sensors tee'd into pitot & static, no problem as pressure is pressure. just be aware every extra join is a potential leak. otherwise, if your going IFR or think ice or bugs could routinely block a pitot, may justify separate sources.
  10. Home - Experimental Avionics Oleg just presented this at Ausfly Narromine. Really good for recreational planes, so cheap even an RAA pilot could afford it I reckon.
  11. Did they have to taxi all the way from & to the airport, or could they take off from the street? Would be a little hard to get permission these days I reckon. BTW. welcome & congratulation on your 1st post.
  12. Does not matter the method of refueling, there is always an area around the refueling point that is at the correct AFR for combustion, the trick to make it safe to not have possibility for static discharge at that point. Pouring fuel from a plastic jerrycan into a wing is high risk, especially just after flight or transport of fuel as that is when static is greatest, and its not really possible to effectively ground the container as you are holding it to pour. You’ve always got your fire extinguisher handy & ready to go so it wont be a disaster if you are unlucky enough to ignite, ju
  13. Agree & if RPT weighed passengers with their luggage, would not take long for general public to accept/understand W&B is critical for flying contraptions.
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