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  1. ERCs (Enroute Charts) are what you’re looking for. They’re a seperate map that shows all airspace and the freq boundaries. They’re in OzRWYS, or get a paper copy of the one you need.
  2. This doesn’t have to be so difficult. clear of cloud will almost certainly keep you clear of icing. If you go through some rain, you could pick some up. Just stay clear (inclusive of required margins), you’re VFR.
  3. I get approximately 7.5hrs. 135- fixed reserved-10% Variable Reserve
  4. The Aircraft AND PIC must be qualified to enter CTA, not just one or the other. No problem with the ad.
  5. You must always carry the POH, valid MR, and your licence/certificate. Don’t give anyone a reason to ping you if something goes wrong. i don’t believe anyone owns the airspace above their property. I can go as low as I need to due to stress of weather or during T/O or LDG.
  6. Happy Christmas to all. I hope you’re able to spend some time with family and friends and not in complete isolation.
  7. The rules shifted somewhat shortly after the fatal crash of an Air North EMB-120 in Darwin several years ago, but fell short of capturing the smaller Twins unfortunately.
  8. Going on two months now waiting for an answer to a query to the “Flight Crew Licensing” branch. Got the receipt email, but that’s it. About time I equiped again I guess.
  9. Northern Australia... it’s it’s either marginal VMC in smoke, or covered with “Isolated” Thunderstorms. The advice already given is what I would suggest too. Fly as early as you can and park up not long after lunch. The thermals can get very bad. We quite often start getting smacked by the thermals passing FL150 on descent into the Pilbara, very unpleasant. Another piece of advice is to not just rely on TAFs. You shouldn’t be anyway, but it’s not uncommon for Darwin (for example) to be forecast CAVOK. But then you find the METAR or ATIS is below IFR minimums! Look at th
  10. Friday arvo is perfect for Perth. Once Pearce closes, we get direct tracking and max speed. PRD zones, from my experience, are very hit and miss. You're best to have a very manageable backup plan in the likely event they say "not available".
  11. I don't think that's changed. Yes, we've advanced somewhat since those first flights, but "we don't know what we don't know". We've seen engine manufactures make mistakes with fatigue life of various metal components, yet we'd probably say we know all we can about metal. Fundamentaly yes, the basic design is pretty ironed out, but look at the horror story that Boeing has been dealing with for over a year.
  12. Although I think the delivery was flawed, I strongly believe in your original intention. We're all here to learn and share stories. Without this, we're buggered. Thank you for making the effort!
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