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Murray Bridge Hangarage

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Is anyone looking for hangarage at YMBD


Schmacko, although this is a place for aviators, we are creating a custom to avoid using International Civil Aviation Organization airport codes in thread titles and posts without clarification of the code. The reason is that this forum is read worldwide and unless the reader is already aware where the code stands for, there is a reduction in good communication.

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I have flown into Murray Bridge many times as I have two sisters who live there. The strip is good and the folks friendly. Cannibalism has not been practiced for many years now. Most of the locals can read and write and some have jobs.

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hey seeing as its already SA people answering,

any flying clubs hiring RAA planes out at Murray Bridge or Gawler?

Perants moved down to Gawler at the start of the year, and I'd like to go for a flight when I visit them


(especially as I grew up in the area, and the idea of overflying the friends/family ski boats when everyone is out together is a very attractive idea...)

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RPA also do hire and fly. No doubt you'll have to have a check ride first though. Jabirus and Lightwing were available when I was last there. There is/was another school there but don't know its current status.

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