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First flight Zenith 750 Electric

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I'm not sure what his aims and logic are here, but a lot of it is contradictory. Bridges claims the E-750 is only good for 30 or 40 mile hops, which is what he reckons is adequate for the delivery of urgent medicines - which is what he's targeting.

But a lot of areas in urgent need of medicine, are vast distances away from civilisation, that's why they're called "remote". 30 or 40 miles is easily covered by a motorcycle courier with a backpack or a crate on a bike carrier, so I don't see his logic.



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A cheap testbed is always handy. Later you can consider weight, efficiency and energy storage. 30-40 miles range is useless though.

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I'm not sure why people build these things , its not advancing anything its just buying some existing tech and ending up with an aeroplane that doesnt do what it did before you ripped the engine out.

What am I not getting?


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