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Hi everyone. The following has no relationship to anything I have read on the Recreational Flying website but is posted pro bono as a quiet caution for anyone who has an itchy send button on their computer. It's for you to take and perhaps pass on as you will.










I was re-reading a couple of emails today that someone who ought to have known better sent to me a couple of weeks ago. Their content was upsetting to me because they contained statements questioning my professional integrity and competence. That was one thing...


But the sender, another solicitor, whether through ignorance or arrogance, made the mistake of copying his messages to third parties, including one with which I have had an association for more than 20 years. This is defamation -- the process of publishing statements that impugn another person's reputation -- and both the author and the media may be held liable for compensatory damages.


It is so easy, especially if anger has been aroused, to fall into the trap of thinking that emails and internet discussion groups are somehow different; that it is ok to type out things that we would never contemplate saying publicly about others. Yet this is precisely what we are doing if we send such messages into the "ether".


Just as we remember PPPPP in our flying, it's a good practice to delay sending that stinging barb until we have had some more time to think about the consequences.


The person you write about may not be a Joe Gutnik, but then many of us aren't on the same plane as Down Jones, either.




While the Gutnik case http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/vic/VSC/2001/305.html is not without criticism http://www.murdoch.edu.au/elaw/issues/v11n3/beyer113.html, it is the law in this country upheld by the High Court http://www.hcourt.gov.au/assets/publications/judgment-summaries/2002/hca56-2002-12-10.pdf and it does give a very strong indication of the seriousness with which Australian courts view the deliberate and unsubstantiated tarnishing of the reputation of another. I hear Joe bought another gold mine with the proceeds and his lawyers got new yachts!



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Thanks Kaz...I like the comment about the Gold Mine...let's hope those that set out in wolf packs of defamation and lies have real deep pockets and assets


This site tries its utmost to keep things clean and professional for the sake of ALL users that like to come here and discuss their aviation ventures and experiences, helping each other and creating great friendships of similar character and like minded aviators rather then anything else.


It is those people that come and post here, supported by the strict rules to try and safeguard them and everyone else, which makes the site what it is...not any one individual or a select few.



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On that note, after 8 years of day in day out, 7 days a week, providing the best possible resource for all recreational aviators, that this site is well known for, I am handing the reigns over to a select few whom I trust and will uphold the 3 objectives of what this site must always provide to you.


Due to the lies and now defamation against my character based on those lies and against this site and its users, by a select few being made in public, my health has deteriorated to a point that I can no longer do this


However, Corrine will still be running the Clear Prop Shop.


Thanks and bye



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Although I'v only been a member a short time I'm saddened to hear that someone who has created such a great thing as these forums should be abused for their efforts. I wish you all the best in the future.


regards John



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And grow it will.


Options and plans are being formulated among the caretaker team about how the forum will be progressed. The basic forum rules, and those of common courtesy, will still apply with regard to moderation of content but with an increased emphasis toward transparency in why the intervention was deemed necessary. How we go about doing this is still a work in progress.


So, hang tight while we work the nitty gritty out and don't blame me if the lights go out as we're still trying to figure how to drive this thing. 033_scratching_head.gif.b541836ec2811b6655a8e435f4c1b53a.gif




P.S. Ian, bugger off and take that break...I'm only kidding about breaking it..... :see no evil:Sorta....



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Ian, take a nice break!


Kaz, didn't know it was actually possible to say something that would defame a lawyer but I'm all for it - kinda like Gaza, infighting should be encouraged amongst such a group for the good of the rest of us. gleam.gif.61a3085bab2441797a6de7bfc35070cb.gif



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... I am handing the reigns over to a select few whom I trust and will uphold the 3 objectives of what this site must always provide to you.Thanks and bye

Dear Ian


I didn't know you were going to take a break but I did know you had been placed under a lot of pressure by the statements of people of whom I had, perhaps foolishly, expected better.


I hope you return soon rested and restored.


Wishing you blue skies and no dud landings, mate





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Hi Ian,


I was saddened to hear you'll be stepping away from the great forum you've created here. Some of the things that have come out of it over the last few years have been simply fantastic, and they wouldn't have happened without you.


All the best



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I just want to wish you all the best, and thank you for all your work in creating something that gives me so much pleasure to participate in. I do hope you get a good break and return well rested, knowing your caretaker team is looking after things for you. (I also wish them all the best as well!)





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