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  1. Excellent day weather wise engine reported to be smoking before impact approx 3 mile short of the runway.
  2. Or head to Yarram which now has an Avgas facility and a great coffee machine, Wilsons prom on a nice autumn morn is worth a lap or to as well
  3. tap on the camera view you want and it will enlarge
  4. Just replaced the nose gear donut rubbers on the eurofox dont know wether they would suit the Gazelle they are approx 50mm deep with a 16mm hole thru the centre got from horsham aviation
  5. Without knowing what all the non voters think and with such a poor number voting l would call it an invalid election! But l have no answer to a solution other than saying your membership should tie in with compulsory voting ??
  6. I don't believe the landing fees are the issue the issue is who are RA representing ? their members or the aerodromes and avdata? Ive asked that question of the CEO and have no reply.
  7. problem is we pay to be represented and l don't believe that its our organisation role to report our details to other parties who dont or are they?
  8. Everyone needs to email the CEO and let him know what they think, united we stand divided we fall
  9. l have no issue paying landing fees the issue l have is that our organisation is releasing our details to the likes of Avdata which says to me that our organisation feels it needs to be the moral lighthouse for us all. Question who are they representing us or Avdata ? as l have said in a email to mr Linke l am well capable of doing that myself and l don't want my details disclosed to profiteers.
  10. It would pay for everyone to take a look at the charter review ( in the latest from the CEO newsletter) and see how you think that lines up with the releasing private details. lve just sent my thoughts to them about this stupid decision.
  11. Perhaps a call to Mike Smith re whats good to fly over water and take a look at his around the world flight video powered by Rotax.
  12. 4 aircraft departed yyrm on sunday24th of july 1x Jabiru,1x kitfox, 1x whitman tailwind and 1x eurofox 3k heading for Lake Eyre. First night at Mungo Lodge, second night Broken Hill and a tour around the area plus the use of a car thanks to a bloke named Bruce along with a chat to Laurie who at 85 did a trip around Aus by himself. 3rd night at William creek after flying over Marree man and the sth end of the lake 4th night at Wentworth and a night on a houseboat with Bruce Hammet 5th night Bendigo and fogged in next morning after a delay with fog back to Yarram via Kilmore gap YLTV and o
  13. Had the same problem and worried like mad about it being the the Bose A20 headset but they worked perfectly in other aircraft, so first step check them on other aircraft. The radio was changed and the problem went away
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