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  1. deleted...mod...play the topic not the person
  2. Not sure who wrote the ELAAA submission, but if Keith Page had much input, perhaps CASA are still trying to figure out what he said. I have absolutely no idea what he says in most of his posts here.
  3. Really? That would mean they would be guilty of murder or manslaughter. What happened to them?
  4. Hi Alex. It can be done but requires months of planing and paperwork because of our useless regulator. To fly to any airfield that has regular public transport requires an ASIC. Depending on how many hours you plan on flying it’s probably much easier just to find an instructor you get on with and fly with them.
  5. Of course you can move. When you find a school you’re happy with they can contact your old school for your training file. All hours and exams are valid. Your log book belongs to you,take it with you.
  6. As it took her 41 years to apply, perhaps they thought she wasn’t in all that much of a hurry.
  7. That why he is charged with manslaughter not murder.He allegedly entered the loop from a height he was not permitted to be at (lower than his authorised lowest level) at a speed well below what was required to commence the manoeuvre and when allegedly too low and slow at the top of the loop did not take his last chance to abort the manoeuvre by rolling out. It’s been said he was a very experienced ex RAF fast jet pilot, and current airline pilot. The following English law on one type of manslaughter may apply, the list of jobs could easily include pilot. From my reading, the more qualified an
  8. Can someone point out just why this guy pulled his chute? As far as I could see he had a near miss, or did they actually collide?
  9. When you think about it surfing is just another form of weight shift.
  10. This happened in 2012. Report here. https://www.ntsb.gov/about/employment/_layouts/ntsb.aviation/brief2.aspx?ev_id=20121118X14342&ntsbno=WPR13GA044A&akey=1
  11. Low lifes. Never fear, I’m sure as the ASIC has been stolen, the Feds will spare no expense to find it!
  12. The fall of the shoulder of the road is substanial, as it needs to be, given the rains they get there. A four wheel drive car is made to drive off road, a Conquest is not. Five tons of aircraft held up br three skinny tires. Taking it off the road would have been a stupid decision. I’m guessing you’d never had to move an aircraft of that size on a slope without a tow bar.
  13. Depends if it was accidental or deliberate. In other words did he just stray into ATC on the way to somewhere or put in a plan to deliberately fly into class C.
  14. Are they illegally registered or illegally used?
  15. He may be okay about the commercial use thing but the media keep on talking about controlled airspace. If he did go into CTA he may find that harder to explain. It’s fairly black and white.
  16. No medical requirement for ASIC. Stangely you need a reason to get an ASIC like working at an airport or flying into one. For a PPL to be current you need a medical so the people who issue the ASIC see the medical as a sign the licence is active. Tell em you don’t need a medical for your RAAus certificate but still need the ASIC to fly into YMTG.
  17. Sounds like the poor student was just a bit behind the aircraft. Hope he flies again. From the RAAus page During solo circuit training, approaching the RWY for a touch and go, the aircraft was travelling at 55-60kts when the wheels first made contact with the RWY which caused the aircraft to bounce a few feet above the RWY. The student held the nose up expecting the aircraft to touch down but the second time the wheels touched the ground the aircraft bounced approx. 10ft off the ground and the right wing tip lifted high. The student then applied full power to climb out however as the rig
  18. Wow! Yes I can see that a pilot who twice told his passengers that lateness of the flight was due to ATC and twice transmitted that message to ATC should be sacked. What are the odds of that? What a dill.
  19. From the ATSB web site: The ATSB is investigating a dual engine failure and forced landing involving a Cessna 441, VH-LBY, at 39 km East of Broome Airport, Western Australia, on 2 March 2018. During descent into Broome Airport, the right then left engines began to surge. The pilot shut down the right engine and made a mayday call. Shortly after, the left engine failed and the pilot conducted a forced landing on the Great Northern Highway. There was no reported damage to the aircraft. The pilot and passengers were not injured. As part of the investigation, the ATSB will interview the p
  20. You shouldn’t need any training other than any differences in rules and procedures. Converting pilot exam and copy of your qualifications. If you are current ie BFR and medical ( if relevant) then RAAus will recognise your endorsements. You will require at least a check ride with a CFI to demonstrate your competence. Read up on CAO 95.55 and the Visual flight guide Civil Aviation Safety Authority | Visual Flight Rules Guide
  21. Really, an airtrafficker gets his nose out of joint and has the power to delay every person on a flight for petty revenge? I’m guessing air traffic is more professional than that and this did not happen. If it did he should be sacked.
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