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This is stupidity -Touch and Go on the Rock


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The 27-year-old man from Yaraka, in central western Queensland, was granted bail by Alice Springs Magistrates Court as his legal team arrives in the red centre over weekend.


The tyres on the aircraft left two long marks on the surface of the famous landmark, which are expected to cost millions to remove.


He has has been charged with a string of aviation and criminal offences, which include operating an aircraft while intoxicated, endangering the safety of an aircraft and criminal damage of a sacred site.


The man’s six-seater, single-engine Piper Saratoga has been seized by Northern Territory Police for forensic examination.


Detectives are trying to establish what motivated the man to try to land his plane on the monolith and he’s chosen to remain silent over the matter.


Local media have dubbed the pilot “The Red Centre Barron” but have been placed under a gag order – effectively blacking out coverage from mainstream media.


Dayle Wap-Johns is a cleaner at the nearby Ayers Rock Resort and saw the action unfold.


“He coming in hot. Like real hot,” said Mr Wap-Johns.


“He done flown right over [sic] my head and straight on for the rock,”


“I heard the ‘squeek’ from they tires, too – when he put ‘er [sic] down.”


As The Betoota Advocate is independently owned and run, we are not subject to the gag order and can report on the story accordingly.


The alleged aviation criminal is set to reappear in court later this month.



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Have a look in ERSA Special Procedures. It is a prescribed route at specified heights and no, it doesn't include over the top. It is, however, a spectacular flight and well worth the planning required.



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It's spectacular whichever angle you view it from, even freezing your t*ts off early in the morning as the sun rises.


Most of the scenic tour flights seem to fly well over it though, and it's probably just as good to see from the ground.



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I'd agree, maybe a carbon cub with balloon tyres and someone knowledgeable on the stick, but not with me as a PAX.I've climbed that rock a few times and from what I've seen, I find it hard to believe.

Yeah, the surface is a bugger. I had mobs of difficulty getting up there in '89.




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