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Lethbridge VIC coffee stop

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Just back from a visit to Lethbridge Airpark. (Saturday morning 20.3.21)

I gather it is not well known that there is a little coffee shack there run by Simone (was it/is it?) She's been there about 2 months. I had heard half a rumour, someplace.

She's still finding what hours suit but it's basically Wednesday to Sunday, from about 0800 until after lunch. Subject to change and fine tune, especially going in to winter.

Had a superb coffee and a toasted sandwich for $11.00.

She's going to get a sign out on the road too for traffic passing on the Geelong to Ballarat route.

If you are within flying distance looking for some place to visit I can highly recommend her coffee shack. She is a pilot also and speaks pilot.

This is the type of establishment us pilots always want to find - please support her with a visit, you will be glad you did.


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Was there on Wednesday, she said Sundays are no longer open as no one came. I agree, a great stop for a $100 salami focaccia And a flat white.

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Must be one hell of a focaccia for one hundred bucks.

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Any good spots in Gippsland area? I keep my Gazelle at Yarram, it’s a great little field, nice grass roots feel and good bunch of likeminded blokes. Good scenery nearby on the coast, Wilson’s Prom and Port Albert area. Great for beach landings, for those with those overinflated tyres! Let me. Know if you’re popping over.

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