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  1. When deliberately trying to stretch a tank as far as I could a few weeks back I accidently uported the pick-up and the noise stopped. Zero fuel pressure, and no engine noise. Because I knew I was pushing it, strongly suspected fuel starvation I just let the nose drop to around 80kn while I switched to my other tank which had 30 litres. Interestingly the prop kept spinning at 2800 in the glide and the engine restarted as soon as fuel pressure was restored. This is on a low hour 80hp with good compression, albeit a relatively fine pitched prop. Absolutely no doubt the engine was windmilling
  2. With a class2 medical I think you can take up to 5 PAX on an RPL, provided you are under 1500kg MTOW (good luck)
  3. It looks like the pass was on the slow side, then pulling up prior to the roll further decayed the speed. Part way through the LH aileron roll the RH wing stalled resulting in an over the top (while upside down) RH spin entry. Some poor decision making here.
  4. Simply beautiful flying weather today in Victoria. Classic Autumn - mild temps, clear skies, light winds. Or, so if looked from the ground. I did hear plenty of essential aircraft travel going over, maybe on thier way to Bunnings..
  5. AOPA Australia CEO Ben Morgan yesterday wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison seeking an approval for recreational and private pilots to conduct flights for the purpose of running aircraft engines during the COVID-19 restrictions period. https://www.australianflying.com.au/latest/aopa-petitions-the-pm-over-engine-runs Don't hold your breath...
  6. Certainly some are tested more than others, and unfortunately we'll never know to what extent they have been tested. Interestingly I believe some models of the p92 tecnam family are approved up to a one turn spin, but you would need letters on the side to explore that....
  7. BlurE


    CASA's notice from today. [TABLE] [TR] [TD]How we’re helping you – exemptions being put in place The actions of various levels of government to stop the spread of COVID-19 are evolving rapidly and I am conscious that you will have many challenges in front of you as you adapt to this changing environment. In recognition of these difficulties, we are putting in place various general exemptions for a number of CASA authorisations or permissions, which are designed to proportionally manage safety risks while providing relief as follows: If you have an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) or a
  8. It's spectacular coast around Cape Otway but very rugged. It is tempting to get low to really enjoy the scenery but there are areas where you only have poor options should an emergency arise. Additionally the water will be quite cold that time of year. I suggest you think through some what-ifs before you get to that leg. In a Savannah I think i'd take hills/trees over rocks and cliffs.
  9. I've seen photos of both the Australian incidents. There was little if any forward speed at impact. This C of G thing is just a theory I've head thrown around, but seems to loosely fit some of the circumstances. It's very likely the European testing was done the the chute in place so it would have probably required deliberate ballast to be added if you did intend to spin test at the rear limit. Maybe it was done, maybe it's not even required under LSA.
  10. I have heard a theory that because the chute is forward of the firewall, those without tend to have a more rearward centre of gravity and therefore possibly different spin characteristics. I believe neither of our local incidents had a chute. Which begs the question when the manufacturer did thier tests did they demonstrate recovery configured at the rearmost limit. If I were to guess I would suspect this is the question casa is asking.
  11. Make you feel sick. Looks like the nose has been pushed (or folded) back to the leading edge of the wind. Very nasty.
  12. There are two strips down near lakes entrance. Sounds like you have been looking at YGRL. Give them a ring at YLKE. Interesting sloping grass strip and very modest fee even for for overnight parking. Still only 5 minutes out of town.
  13. I thought last week's "church hour" requirement was ridiculous. I can't believe the council has managed to even out do that. Seriously beggars belief. Terrible for anyone hangered there. Devistating for the maintenance and sales Businesses based there. I just hope VCAT provide a prompt and sensible ruling.
  14. Getting dark early in Victoria, but if I knock off early I can just squeeze a little local flight in. The light is beautiful as the sun gets low, and it's times like this I wish I was night-VFR. Maybe one day...
  15. Personally, I don't really like including bank angle in discussions of stall speed, too simplistic and often misleading because it only considers the special case of a level turn. I much prefer speed and wing loading and looking at the performance envelope where available. The problem with that is they are nearly always presented at MTOW. However I accept in low level operation a level turn is more likely than decending, but what about a climbing turn? You could be at 50kn, 30 degrees and then pull 2g to climb and get yourself in real trouble. I did wonder what real world experience Foxb
  16. Just curious, what speed does a Foxbat stall at with just one occupant? I would expect you would have to be both very slow and pulling hard to manage a stall.
  17. Thank you for the advice everyone. I'll do some more investigation.
  18. Hi all, I need to bleed my Marc Ingegno brake system and would like to top up the fluid as required. Maintenance manual does not specify a fluid grade. Looking at it, it appears completely colourless and looks as clear as water in the nylon lines. Does anyone have any idea what this might be or how I can test it? I know a number of fluids are not compatible. Cheers
  19. Rudder pedals? Do you mean those footrest things on the floor?
  20. I had interesting sort of related experience yesterday. 20 minutes into a 50 minute trip cruising at 4500 with tanks at; Left 15/45 Right 45/45 litres (LH was about half full when I departed) I planned to run the another 20 minutes of the trip on the LH tank but switch to RH on decent before entering the the circuit and have an almost full tank or the return trip. (this worked out well as I had a light passenger for the first leg but not the return leg) I was getting some light turbulence at 4500ft which was making my passenger uncomfortable so I decided to sneak up a bit higher
  21. OK, sounds like I am overreacting a little, just something I had never actually seen before. Not a bad thing to be a little cautious. I suppose given that the inlet and outlet of the gascolator are at the same level you would actually have to pretty much fill the gascolator bowl with water before any substantial amount actually went up to the carburettors. (assuming the flow rate is slow enough to allow separation) In this case I actually flew two turbulent hours between my last refuel and this sample that concerned me. Also a week of settling time in between. So I suppose it's poss
  22. Hi guys looking for some advice - as after many years of checking fuel - last night I actually did find a problem. Some background first. Not sure of the source of contamination, but I was away a few weeks ago and had to leave my aircraft tied down in some moderately heavy rain. I also flew through a number of light showers and refilled a couple of times including from a new perfectly clean plastic jerry can. My aircraft has LH and RH fibreglass wing tanks. Each feeds through independent lines from the back of the wing root through two taps before combining. There is a common drain
  23. Not I, simply because I haven't had a chance to follow up just yet.
  24. Trying to get in touch with storchyneil I've tried a PM but to no avail. Does anyone have any other contact details?
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