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  1. Depending on the landlord, the hangar lease does not necessarily include the apron, and that can be subject to a seperate licence. My advice is to get an experienced Solicitor on board as soon as possible - you’ll save time and money in the long run.
  2. By having IFR/Charter on the MR you will definitely have boosted the valuation. (You might want to make sure the insurance has the increased value covered too). You have a very useful aircraft there mate. Well done.
  3. This is all I can find in ERSA: 5. SP 5 - GREAT SANDY BAY MARINE PARK AND FRASER ISLAND 5.1 In the whale management area of the Great Sandy Marine Park, pilots of fixed wing ACFT must not bring the ACFT any closer to a whale than 300M unless the aircraft is at an altitude of at least 1,000FT. A helicopter must not be brought any closer to a whale than 1KM unless the helicopter is at an altitude of at least 2,000FT. For further information refer to the Marine Park (Great Sandy) Zoning Plan 2006 or contact the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Senior Ranger (Great Sandy Marine
  4. I've just seen this and thought it was very fair and furthermore great to see that they appreciate it from our perspective too: https://www.ausalpa.org.au/Portals/5/Documents/Submissions/2021/210215 AusALPA Submission to Airservices re Lowering Class E on the East Coast V2.2.pdf?ver=2021-02-23-134706-453
  5. CASA make decisions based on Liability - they do not intend to incur any Liability directly or on behalf of the Australian Government on any issue. I had a well qualified instructor once who insisted that you should tell CASA nothing under any circumstances! Unfortunately that attitude plays into their hands because by withholding information the individual will incur the Liability in the event of any mishap. Every decision that CASA/AvMed make will err on the side of caution in order that they dodge or cannot be held liable should anything happen no matter how unlikel
  6. You will get a TNC on the invoice - Terminal Navigation Charge - anywhere with a tower. Cairns, Mackay Townsville ? https://mirror.airservicesaustralia.com/wp-content/uploads/Contract-for-Aviation-Facilities-and-Services.pdf Unless you fly IFR you won’t be charged for “ Enroute Navigation Charge” so Class E for you is free.
  7. You will incur enroute charges only if you fly IFR.
  8. Quite a lot actually; 9000 & 10000. AC50 D228 C208 etc
  9. Revised! https://engage.airservicesaustralia.com/lower-base-class-e-east-coast
  10. I’m sure they will call you up if they need to! I hadn’t previously thought this through before either:-
  11. Email received from AFAP today:- AIRSERVICES PROPOSE TO LOWER CLASS E TO 1500FT AGL. The AFAP wishes to bring to your attention airspace change proposals provided by Airservices. They are seeking industry feedback to the proposed lower the base of Class E airspace between Cairns and Melbourne to 1,500ft (AGL). The proposed Class E Airspace would replace those Class G segments below the current Class E LL of A085. These proposals will have practical implications to the operational environment, and your “real-world” experience should be very useful in helping to inform
  12. Knock me over with a feather - the bloody lake is PINK!
  13. Alice security doesn’t start work before 7am. Mackay and Rockhampton often check your ASIC. Some places require you to flash it for the camera as you exit when requesting the re- entry code e.g. Gold Coast and Longreach. But yeah most places just hide the code somewhere or use a frequency.
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