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  1. Thats not my experience. I've been into all the fields you've mentioned including Boscombe Down and no way would they allow civvies on the station back then. Maybe pre NI but the RAF are real hot on security nowadays. My experience of overflying Australian restricted areas is all good - Richmond, Oakey and Amberley are very rarely anything but RA1.
  2. Your local locksmith will be able to do it for sure - not the shoe repairer. The door, cargo door and ignition will be suited - " ACS Universal Aeroplane" If you are still struggling, PM me.
  3. Very nice! Congratulations. What will your Avionics suite consist of when it's all finished?
  4. Some Class D becomes Class E after TWR HR
  5. "I fly to be free. Not contained and locked in ......." You sound like a panty liner! I now work on the principle that I want RSCU ?00 to be scrambled and its on my way to my position within 15 minutes of my Mayday. You need to consider SAR. With the advent of EFBs its easy - a flighplan gets submitted every time even if I am flying a scenic and Im not exactly sure of the route. I couldn't care less who can see where I'm going - I don't carry many VIPs! It saves ATC sending "VFR aircraft, intentions unknown" too. Low Jet Routes and even QANTAS flying "low level flybys" - could seriou
  6. Great subject. What are the reasons why we don't lodge a flightplan each and every time we take to the air (excepting CCTS)?
  7. a QF 787 captain ( Perth London route) recently told me that one accompanies him in the cockpit every flight.
  8. If you are aiming to fly IFR you will need TSOd equipment plus ADSB - maybe have a chat with a LAME before you commit.
  9. Downunder is right. I know someone who ran up a $100k bill on G500 etc etc. Would it be worth weighing-up a 182T and see what the difference is in cost?
  10. Haha that brought back memories - we had the girl from Blue Peter in with us once! Happy days!
  11. Wow ... I didn't realise that Coronavirus was a matter of Left or Right wing politics!! I'm in Q and have friends of all persuasions - I haven't met even one that is unhappy with our Premier's response to date. In fact, I know plenty of rusted-on Conservative voters who wish her to lock the NSW border down again right now. Don't worry, I empathise, as I'm desperate to fly into WA and have applied and been rejected twice. It's working for them (and by extension the rest of Australia) so their policy is obviously a good one, supported by the vast majority of their citizens - I just don't
  12. I just realised I might have mislead you - apologies if I have. "Rocky" = Rockhampton, Queensland
  13. I ring the tanker driver when I am at Rocky and he fetches it out from his oil store. So, yes it does include delivery but only on the airfield (if that makes sense?) That price included GST of $6.21 I can confirm the manufacture date was DEC19 and it needs a "retest" after 4 years
  14. For the life of me I am unable to understand why the Feds supported CP in the first place - what is the rationale behind supporting someone that could destroy our main source of export earnings when all else are struggling??? If CP wins, which he still may, there is a heightened risk that the whole state, including the industry that is Australia's increasingly lucrative source of revenue will be further exposed to Covid. Footshooting or what?
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