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  1. The SIGMET overlay feature on the EFB is real handy and, in my experience, real accurate too. Over the last few days there has been a SIGMET current for the Cowra area that was stationary " Severe turbulence SFC to 7000"
  2. Why bother any more …. you can lead a horse to water …? or maybe “dead man walking”!
  3. I love free strips. But, having watched a few of my mates put care into the maintenance of their private strips I don't begrudge reasonable charges by anyone. Even a grass strip needs to be mowed, I acknowledge that there is a cost of ownership and as long as it's reasonable I'll pay up and look sweet. I do get annoyed about the gouging e.g. Cairns and Mt Keith ... and charges for parking
  4. Already happening - Rockhampton charges $5.59/t subject to a $22.95 minimum monthly charge. I think YMMB does something similar.
  5. For comparison, I just costed my Class 1 renewal:- DAME 357.50 Stress Test 406.95 Eye Test. 320.00 CASA 75.00 Total A$1,159.45
  6. https://www.casa.gov.au/licences-and-certification/aviation-medicine/classes-medical-certificates
  7. Wow - for a Class 2! - sounds like a Class 1 and vey surprised they would discuss it with you on the phone So what was the final cost?
  8. Yep that certainly appears to be a relaxation of the rules in CAR 256A Thankyou Alan
  9. Where have you read this please Alan?
  10. It is council owned and it is immaculate. Avgas $2.731/l The toilet facilities are too.
  11. Try this: Scan 26 May 2021.pdf
  12. You may have misunderstood - Regulation 61.940 Part 6 ?
  13. Depending on the landlord, the hangar lease does not necessarily include the apron, and that can be subject to a seperate licence. My advice is to get an experienced Solicitor on board as soon as possible - you’ll save time and money in the long run.
  14. By having IFR/Charter on the MR you will definitely have boosted the valuation. (You might want to make sure the insurance has the increased value covered too). You have a very useful aircraft there mate. Well done.
  15. This is all I can find in ERSA: 5. SP 5 - GREAT SANDY BAY MARINE PARK AND FRASER ISLAND 5.1 In the whale management area of the Great Sandy Marine Park, pilots of fixed wing ACFT must not bring the ACFT any closer to a whale than 300M unless the aircraft is at an altitude of at least 1,000FT. A helicopter must not be brought any closer to a whale than 1KM unless the helicopter is at an altitude of at least 2,000FT. For further information refer to the Marine Park (Great Sandy) Zoning Plan 2006 or contact the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Senior Ranger (Great Sandy Marine
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