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  1. Yes, unfortunately! It's not a big deal but, from memory, it took 14 days. Didn't cost anything. Your LAME will have to talk to CASA and they approve the reissue.
  2. Clearly you haven’t flown much in the real world lately then so I doubt they would notice! Yes, landing fees where I operate are quite normal. I understand that providing wildlife-proof fences, well maintained WCs, fuel facilities, mowing, maintaining windsocks and markers etc does cost serious dosh and I’m quite happy to chip-in a nominal sum to ensure that I can continue to enjoy those facilities. I’m sure you dodge the $5 that The Oaks levies but I’d argue that it is counterproductive to do so. You will agree that should any facility becomes a financial burden (witho
  3. You may know about this but it’s a good place to start https://avdata.com.au/airport-charge-rates Note; it doesn’t include GST and there is a minimum charge at some places! Also some places charge for day parking. Landing fees are the norm nowadays.
  4. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-12/aircraft-noise-ombudsman-releases-brisbane-flight-path-report/100531674 I know it's not connected but it gives an insight into into how Airservices think.
  5. YBRK plenty mil at the moment - Apaches, Chinooks and C130. No F16s this year. Caution wake turbulence. Is there any other place in the world where a civvy you can be no 2 to a F16?
  6. Jack, I bought a mini last year with the intention of using the ordinary one as a cockpit backup. But I find it a bit too small and awkward with my fat fingers. Plus it has overheated 2ce - which the ordinary one has never done - and the battery doesn’t seem to last as long. So I’ve gone back to the standard iPad and using the mini as a backup.
  7. You're right to highlight this - It's left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths. Especially as it comes on the back of the West Wellcamp development. She's swiftly eroding a lot of support.
  8. Sure; only when ASA amend the RNAV Rwy15 maybe - but I can’t see how.
  9. Relax - You've nothing to worry about! If YLIS had a noise pollution problem https://lismore.nsw.gov.au/files/Fly-Neighbourly-Guideline.pdf was the response. Air Services Australia would have been giving you a hard time by now if it hadn't gone away. Closing a regional airport is a big deal - it's a strategic asset and the NSW and Federal Government would have something to say before they let a rogue council shut it down. Maybe have a whisper in your MPs ear? Who is the responsible Minister?
  10. That’s not going to happen. Where do the RPTs, RFDS, WestPac 4, Angel Flight, Water bombers … etc operate from when it’s gone? Rely on YBNA?
  11. The SIGMET overlay feature on the EFB is real handy and, in my experience, real accurate too. Over the last few days there has been a SIGMET current for the Cowra area that was stationary " Severe turbulence SFC to 7000"
  12. Why bother any more …. you can lead a horse to water …? or maybe “dead man walking”!
  13. I love free strips. But, having watched a few of my mates put care into the maintenance of their private strips I don't begrudge reasonable charges by anyone. Even a grass strip needs to be mowed, I acknowledge that there is a cost of ownership and as long as it's reasonable I'll pay up and look sweet. I do get annoyed about the gouging e.g. Cairns and Mt Keith ... and charges for parking
  14. Already happening - Rockhampton charges $5.59/t subject to a $22.95 minimum monthly charge. I think YMMB does something similar.
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