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Be Afraid

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Well everyone sell your aircraft and get out of the skies over South Australia. The CFI at Gawler signed me off on my flight test today. I can now go up any time I want as long as I don't go pastmy 25nm boundary. I have been hanging out to do my Navs and now I can start. Weather permitting I will fly to Truro next Saturday with my Nav Instructor. To all those that offered me encouragement a huge Thank You. Now get out of my airspace. LOL



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Congratulations with a big pat on the back, Comp.


But a word of advice if I might: Be a little careful of claiming the airspace outloud like that. Fore if the little people be hearing,,, well they have a history of turning us on our heads if'n we be getting cocky you know...




Seriously though, Mate. It's a "license" to learn. Remember that as you go forth and enjoy yourself while you're slipping the surly bonds of earth etc. etc...





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Just as well you have lots of friends at the airfield.... Do you have any idea how much it cost us to pay off your CFI? Why do you think I was wearing that silly hat with the windsock on top when you landed? I passed that thing around about ten times until I thought I had enough to pay him off. Now all I have to do is find you a place in a hangar so we can get you plane locked away to keep the rest of us safe LOL....


Good on ya and a job well done. Lots of time and effort is put into getting your wings, and now you have them. Fly Safe and enjoy... You can now joint the rest of us Jabiru owners (Sky Nits) on some airfield invasions.





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Hope you haven't scared him too much.. I went down there a couple of weeks ago to discuss training. I'm wanting to start in the next month or so!..Just waiting for this damned wind to drop down! lol



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