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  1. Rocky mayor to bid for $20million pilot training facility
  2. Don't tell me, ....... ' and got it weighed on the local butchers scales' !.... Bob
  3. Agree that there are generally always other visual cues out there, ( smoke, water waves etc.) but surely some sort of low level 'wind direction and velocity' indication shouldn't be too much to expect..... Bob
  4. You don't have to move off the mainland BP. Anywhere down here is OK this time of the year, but you may need to migrate North in Winter.... Bob
  5. Ah, the good old Bex, I well remember, but tell me BP , what do you live as these days ? ....... Bob
  6. Is the iPad connected to the Internet ?
  7. . It was shortly after the Min Min Hotel was destroyed by fire around 1912, when a stockman had one of the first experiences with the Min Min Light: “About 10:00pm, I was riding to Boulia and passed close to the Min Min graveyard. The night was somewhat cloudy. All of a sudden I saw a strange glow right in the middle of the cemetery. It got bigger until it was the size of a large watermelon. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched it hovering over the graveyard. I broke into a cold sweat as it started coming toward me. It was too much for my nerves. I dug the spurs into my horse and headed
  8. Geez Frank , we didn't get 500 mils for for the entire year (2017) . You FNQers really are a special breed..... Bob
  9. Don't forget the $1m Hangarkeepers (Tenants) Liability provided also , that alone costs many hundreds of dollars for non RAAus members . A further 100,000 liability cover if you have a vehicle airside is also provided. Remember that the cover is provided to members, not the aircraft they are flying, you may be flying you mate's Tecnam ! ...... Bob
  10. I think the indemnity provided to members in the event of an accident/incident would be an obvious one Mike . Without membership, many would probably 'wing it', In the same way as many drive unregistered and unlicensed vehicles with little regard to the consequences...... Bob
  11. Done by a "locus" ( #29 ) maybe ..... Bob
  12. My 2200 engine was the second "generation" hydraulic engine made by Jabiru. It had the " fine finned heads" ..... Bob
  13. Dave, the earlier Jabiru engines had a " drip oil feed " system to the rocker chambers, supplied via a small dia. metal pipe to a rubber T piece located externally between the cylinder heads. The oil made its way to the rocker shaft to lubricate the bushes, and the oil vapor in the chamber tended to lubricate valve springs etc. The mod introduced on the later engines is more conventional, in that the oil is forced up the hollow push rods to the rockers, flowing to the bushes and shaft under pressure. This mod can be done to older engines like mine ( #2787), but involves a fair bit more work an
  14. Yes Bruce, " light brown stuff " would be a good description . Nothing but Avgas ever has ever gone into the tanks. Will post a few pics of gummed up pistons as they came out, in the next day or so. At 600 hours, and I assume very little done to the engine, ( although I haven't looked back at all the posts), it's probably time for a good look at the top end. It's all fairly simple stuff, and you could probably get away with new pistons, rings and hone the barrels, but, like most of these things, once you start it makes sense to do all the upgrades etc. 'Camel' (post #203 ) did some good
  15. Due to a progressive loss of compression,(low leak downs) in my Generation 2 Jabiru 2200 with increasing oil consumption (pumping it into the overflow bottle), I suspected jammed rings, after nearly nine years and 450 hours of trouble free operation . The engine has been operated on Avgas exclusively and, apart from its running in period using Shell 100, has had oil changes of Aeroshell 15/50 at 25 hours max.,often very much less. The aircraft, a J160, was built by me and only ever been flown and maintained by me, giving faultless service since new. A top end strip down was done a month ago, c
  16. The only ELAA I know of is the..... Early Learning Association of Australia .... Bob
  17. You can access it through one of the EFB's, as well as registering online at 'NAIPS' ( recommended ),then folowing the prompts. Then select 'AREA' on left sidebar, eg '30' for Victoria displays all you need to know. NAIPS registration used to be a bit frustrating, but it's many years ago I did that. Perseverance ! ...... Bob
  18. Currently de-activated, but can be activated at any time if required. Check Notams, call Melb. Centre 124.0, or call East Sale tower on 118.3 . Not sure when due to be re-activated, but seem to recall mid January 2018..... Bob
  19. Alf, I understand that this is just the first step in freeing up the airspace for all Rec. pilots, to quote the words of FLT.LT. Brown ...... " Hopefully a desired outcome can be reached for all parties in the near future ". May see if I can get hold of Phil Fox tomorrow to clarify that ...... Bob (FLT.LT Brown)....... RA-Aus access into military restricted airspace Since our first discussion on this issue and by voicing your concerns, communication has really increased on this matter. I am sure Phil Fox will keep you in the loop, but from our end, please be patient and understa
  20. Not sure Vev, but maybe this ! ..... Bob CASA survey action required by 12 January 2018 - MULTICOM Members are advised CASA have issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) MULTICOM frequency use after the recent consultation process in which the majority of respondents indicated the MULTICOM frequency was their preferred option below 5000’ Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL). We are requesting all members complete the survey and provide a response to CASA on this important topic. The NPRM is worded poorly, making two recommendations in one response. As one of these recom
  21. Airspace advocacy on behalf of members RAAus is pleased to advise members of two important airspace developments which are key components and successes of RAAus member advocacy via direct submissions and Regional Airspace and Procedures Advisory Committee (RAPAC) to CASA, the Defence Department and the Office of Airspace Regulation. The first success relates to RAAus pilots and the current limitation on transit through East Sale military managed restricted areas. In May 2018 a new VFR corridor north of East Sale will be created to allow transit for RAAus members and other airspace use
  22. You'll notice it's only got 1 wing ......... that's called, " on a wing and a prayer " ...... Bob
  23. Yep Bex, 10/10.........and here's a pic from different --angel--/angle ...... Bob
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