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  1. If you can't see a Ferris wheel on climb out, what hope have you got with an R22 ?........ Bob
  2. Yes, it appears that the only difference is the non requirement of a PPL/RPL, along with the other very strict conditions/limitations. I wasn't aware that RAAus students training in CTA ,under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor, were required to have a higher medical than other RAAus pilots ..... Bob
  3. " This step recognised the issue related to RAAus members who were trained at RAAus Flight Training Schools (FTS) in Class D or C airspace under a CASA Instrument. Previously once this training was complete, they were no longer permitted to operate in that airspace.Working collaboratively with CASA Sport, we are pleased to announce progressive changes to these Instruments which will permit RAAus pilots to privately hire a FTS aircraft and operate into and out of the specific airspace related to the RAAus FTS." . ( : no requirement for a medical ! )
  4. Controlled Airspace access for RAAus aircraft Controlled airspace access – the first milestone is complete! RAAus is proud to announce to members the completion of the first milestone of the planned four stage process to permit RAAus members to access controlled airspace! This step recognised the issue related to RAAus members who were trained at RAAus Flight Training Schools (FTS) in Class D or C airspace under a CASA Instrument. Previously once this training was complete, they were no longer permitted to operate in that airspace. Working collaboratively with CASA Sport, we are pl
  5. Ash , check' East Sale ' in ERSA ..... Bob MILITARY AIRSPACE ACCESS PROCEDURES. 4. IFR ACFT. a. ACFT may plan a preferred route and level in accordance with AIP flight planning. 5. VFR ACFT. When R358 is active ACFT are to contact ACD on 133.6 MHz prior to the boundary for AWY clearance. Clearance is not required for transit through R358A via D353. D353 (VFR Transit Lane). Lateral limits approximately 1NM either side of the RAILWAY line Cowwarr - Heyfield - Maffra - Stratford - Lindenow South. Vertical limit SFC - 1,500FT AMSL. Active by NOTAM. N
  6. Yes , a little confusing especially when it appears in ERSA and on VNC . Guess there may be a few breaches ! . The Coastal route should follow in a few months . Talks continuing on access for West Sale RPC pilots . Military Traffic will ramp up in West Sale from next year and even the RAAF are unsure how they will manage that ...... Bob
  7. Recreational Aviation Australia in their magazine “Sport Pilot” (May 2018 Vol 81 (5)) says “ NEW EAST SALE CORRIDOR (page 13). Pilots intending to transit East Sale have a new track to follow. The May 28 revision of Airservices publications will see the creation of a new lane of access through the East Sale active restricted area. This will be noted as Danger Area D353. RAAus says pilots intending to take advantage of the changes must read ERSA and associated AIP products before accessing the corridor to ensure they are conversant with the requirements associated with the danger area and
  8. I don't believe Bairnsdale has been targeted but West Sale certainly have ! ..... Bob
  9. Pulling the prop over before each start is, in my opinion essential, to not only check the compressions, but also to introduce some heat into the cylinders . I always pull over at least 10 blades before each start . Have never had any start problems . My first battery lasted 6 years . My second Odessy in now 4 years and neither have required any additional charging. I live in on the Victoria South coast . It gets real cold down here in Winter .... Bob
  10. " all three occupants " , " an electrical fault " .... Hmm !
  11. You are correct Yenn . I was a consultant to Alcoa at their Anglesea Power Plant in '94,'95 and '96. Their installed capacity was 150Mw from a single Siemens turbo-generator with steam supplied from a natural convection tower type boiler, firing pulverised brown coal from the nearby mine. Most of the water was supplied from on-site bores. The coal had a high Sulphur content, so SO2, discharged into the atmosphere was always in issue with the environmentalists, and probably signed the final death knell for the station. As you state, the power plant did, in fact, supply the majority of the elect
  12. The d.c. output for Jabiru 2200 engines, up to engine S/No. 22A-2661, is 10 Amps,.... Bob
  13. Sounds like you've got the 'hots' for Trina Phil. When you say " she looks about early thirties maybe " I assume you don't mean that's when she was 'born'. I don't think you've sunk to those depths yet, but then again,one could say that you've let yourself go somewhat lately. Anyway, giving you the benefit of the doubt, you are only about ten years her senior. Go for it young fella and good luck, you just might bring home the bacon !....... Bob
  14. I can't recall, but doubt that it would have been less than 20oC or more than 25oC ... Bob
  15. Yes , ambient temp. does have an effect on CHT's ..... Bob
  16. I think as a safety precaution you would be well advised to have someone familiar with Jab engines check it over before next flight..... Bob
  17. Derek , I'm no expert either, but all I do is click on the box that says "attach files" which takes you to your photo library . You then select a photo then click " done" and it appears into your reply. I am an Apple user...... Bob
  18. There are many ways to deal with your issue. Sending the engine to Jabiru involves removing and reinstalling the engine, but at least they should warranty the repairs, providing of course, that you agreed to the work they recommend, which may be substantial. If not done already, they would want to replace the through bolts, pistons, valves, rocker bushes, upgrade to dual valve springs, check and hone barrels etc. etc. without even knowing the condition of the bottom end. Sometimes the costs can get up towards a newer generation reco. engine, but without knowing the history of the engine it is
  19. Paul, If this is your aircraft , you can easily adjust the instrument to give you an almost full scale deflection. I have my EGT's set to 750 degrees and CHT's set to 160 degrees, like this....... Bob
  20. 'Bird watching' is, and always has been my main past-time, but I still manage to get the Jab up fairly regularly. . Was speaking to Lilydale CFI this morning who indicated that they are currently flooded with students, managing to keep 5 or so instructors fully occupied . He was doing a doctor charter into YBNS in a Beechcraft twin, which meant him hanging around filling in time ..... Bob
  21. what about the 71 to 74 year olds ?
  22. EXCLUSIVE: Qantas eyes Bundaberg for flying school
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