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  1. Skippy , I have separate booklets for both Northstar F210 instrument head and Flow transducer. There was also a software upgrade (V3:1) about “How to enter fuel flow menu “ . Let me know if any of this may help...... Bob
  2. Sure, you need to consider the welfare of those trapped in the aircraft, but before you start getting too excited you also need to ensure that things like ballistic chutes, and all sources of ignition are disabled. Accident investigators have training in these matters, so get advice from ATSB on Emerg. No., or things might get a whole lot worse..... Bob
  3. He’s a bit slower than usual to take the bait, so hope the old fellow is OK ..... Bob
  4. Elegant is similar to what we have, but I’ll adapt to whatever you choose ..... Bob
  5. No ! Manwell is John Cleese’ sidekick in Fawlty Towers....... Bob
  6. Try interchanging the probes between #4 and #6 , and between #3 and #5 , (if lengths allow) and note temps ...... Bob
  7. “That would still leave you in almost prime carb ice territory. As facthunter said there are requirements for certification. The chart says serious icing ANY power for the dark blue, lycoming say somthing different.” My point was in reference to post #39, indicating that in some instances it is possible that the application of carby heat may not degrade engine performance ...... Bob
  8. “makes no discernible difference” .... that may well be correct Cooperplace, particularly in a cooler part of the country, as you are. The carby heat output will be affected by the OAT and, with that temp at say 8 oC, you may get a 10 oC increase with carby heat selected, taking the incoming air temp. to18 oC, which may still be lower than the OAT further North in Summer/Winter which has no discernible affect on Jabiru engine performance. Many variables here .... Bob.
  9. Yes Don , the Arri’s are good company, although I do get a little concerned about the young fellow and the Mulgrave River dwellers at times. Pity we couldn’t have hooked up, maybe next year. it’s our turn in a few weeks . Bob
  10. Alf, I’m sure anybody reading this will agree with your comments. A tragic and needless loss of life. The pilot will undoubtably agonise over the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life, and I’m sure that the investigation team will leave no stone unturned, including the pilots training, authorisation, flight reviews, and whether his alleged risky attitude was well known. Hopefully the flight was being recorded. Some years ago I was involved in reviewing a similar accident with members of the NSW police air wing and others. In this incident, both the pilot and his female passenger
  11. I went from bi-vocals to multi-focals and found them to be a bit of a nightmare initially, never really feeling totally comfortable during the landing phase. Perseverence finally won out, and I couldn’t imagine not wearing them now. I have recently ordered a new set of transition (photochromic) lenses to replace the clip-ons which were always getting misplaced. The lenses don’t darken when driving or flying ( high wing anyway ), but are reported to reduce fatigue and eye strain. I have gone for the more popular grey ‘tinting’ opposed to brown. I expect that they also will take time getting use
  12. Yesterday I flew the coastal route between Loch Sport and McGauran Beach . The East Sale airspace was active at the time and traffic, both ways, limited to 1000’amsl. I transited at 800’ to ensure minimal interference with the frequent large helicopter traffic between the offshore rigs and Longford base, particularly between Paradise Beach and Seaspray. A proper lookout is essential at all times, and another set of eyes desirable. Close attention to the CTAF frequency 129.75 requires being ahead of the aircraft, even moreso than usual with minimal distraction . There is no recommended separati
  13. Those with a fuel flow indicator will notice a short term temporary increase in flow when pump energised..... Bob
  14. My Jabiru is now ten years old . Flown and serviced by me alone, with over 450 hours on the tach. My advice would be to change oil regularly. I do it at 20 hours or less, and use Aeroshell multi grade 15/50. I would strongly recommend doing a leak down check to establish what’s really going on inside. Replace oil and fuel hoses and spark plugs. Good quality hoses available at little cost from most auto shops. Check the airframe and service bulletins, they are relatively simple but, if not confident, have it done by someone well recommended ...... Bob
  15. G’day OK , I have a set of ANR Zulu’s and, once paired to the headsets, you just operate the phone as normal. Any incoming calls have a distinctive sound and are accepted as normal . Any traffic on your selected frequency can be heard also. They are about 8 years old, and I dare say the latest version is even better....... Bob
  16. Once the engine is started, its continued operation is not dependant on the battery...... Bob
  17. NSW/ACT Suburb Name Contact Aberdare Keith Rule 0438 902 900 Bradbury Stephen Hilton 0425 354 037 Coolamon Andrew Bishop 0414 285 556 Cowra Philip Goard 0417207 397 Elderslie Gerry Bolster 0414 914 807 Merimbula Rex Koerbin 0408 138 409 Murrumbateman Adam Levy 0412 889 937 Nowra Keith Baker 0425 319 669 Oxley Vale Chad Summers 0405 339 858 Port Macquarie Dennis Stacey 0407 006 292 Temora Phillip Usher 0438 218 114 Tumut Michael Roodt 0405 428 005 NT
  18. An eyewitness told AFP the plane came down in flames. “The plane was already on fire when it crashed to the ground. The crash caused a big explosion,” Tegegn Dechasa recounted at the site littered with passenger belongings, human remains and aeroplane parts around a massive crater at the point of impact. “The plane was in flames in its rear side shortly before the crash. The plane was swerving erratically before the crash.”
  19. Probably looked pretty good at the final turn, and you are generally committed by then. Late low level manoeuvres, particularly by low hour pilots not recommended. Have a plan and stick with it. Keep the plane flying for as long as possible, keeping the nose wheel off the ground for as long as possible. I have concerns about the fuel line to the pump flapping around, seemingly unrestrained. Should be proper fuel hose enclosed in a fire proof sleeve ...... Bob
  20. Flying Baptist minister Paul White thanks God for plane crash survival Geof Parry7News Perth January 10, 2019 8:50PM TOPICS WA NewsRegional WAAviationKimberleyReligion and BeliefDisaster and Emergency A WA bush chaplain is thanking God for his miracle survival after an outback plane crash. The Baptist minister and pilot crash landed in rough country in Queensland. His plane was destroyed but he walked away. Derby pilot Paul White has God on his side. Which is just as well because when his plane crashed in Queensland on Monday he needed all the help he could get. “I
  21. “ Jabiru can advise that we have recovered the aircraft from the Mundubbera forest that was involved in Tuesday's accident. We can now confirm that there was insufficient fuel for flight on board. You can see by the photo below how intact the cabin remained around the pilot, which is testimony to the crash worthy design features of the Jabiru.” The pilot walked away with only minor scratches.
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