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  1. Hey Frank , what about saving some of these chicks for when I get there ..... Bob
  2. Or.. there’s always the scenic coastal route via Kilmore Gap before turning left down the Valley. The Power Plants are usually visible some 50 nm. distant , then onto Cowarr and D353 ( if airspace active ) onto YBNS. All good flat grazing country to YBNS. We can arrange overnight accom in the club rooms if req., then an easy 40 nm.scenic coastal to YORB. with another 50 nm.or so to Mallacoota ( flat and timbered with the beach as an option ) ...... Bob
  3. Headline said “aircraft plummeted” ...... further adding to the ‘confusion’ .... Bob ?
  4. ............... there, but for the grace of God, go I . Bob
  5. It’s all good . Just tap on the thumbnails and they automatically enlarge ..... Bob
  6. Apple IPads have tracked the Glonass satellites in addition to the US system (GPS) to improve accuracy for many years now. ... Bob
  7. Here’s your new VNC Yenn . Not sure if it’s any assistance though. ...... Bob http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/pending/aipchart/vnc/Rockhampton_VNC_08NOV2018.pdf
  8. Yes, a bit like “ infotainment” systems in today’s motor vehicles ! ..... Bob
  9. This would’ve done him Don . Had her for 10 years until recently. A real chic magnet, but he can have the MG plates cheap if required ......Bob
  10. This strip is located a few km’s North of the Port Douglas/Cook Hwy turnoff. Nothing doing when I called in a few months ago, but seems to cater for mainly trikes and home of Port Douglas Microlights .... Bob BTW Frank here is that 3.5 croc we recently saw in the Russell and one your good self ..B
  11. Investigation: AO-2017-024 - Loss of control and collision with terrain involving B200 King Air, VH-ZCR at Essendon Airport, Victoria on 21 February 2017
  12. CAAP 166-2(1) for further reading on this matter ..... Bob
  13. “ The Australian Transport Safety Bureau the accident, which involved a single-engine Yakovlev Yak-9UM Warbird. “Initial information provided to the ATSB indicates the aircraft has collided with terrain approximately 20km west of Latrobe Valley Regional Airport,” an ATSB statement said. Five transport safety investigators from Brisbane and Canberra are heading to the scene to collect evidence. The ATSB said they would examine the wreckage, interview witnesses, and collect any available recorded data for analysis.” Yep , looks like they’ve finally got it right ...... Bob
  14. “The exact cause of the crash is yet to be determined and will be investigated by Recreational Aviation Australia with assistance from police who will prepare a report for the Coroner,” a Victoria Police statement said
  15. Pilot killed in Gippsland crash A PILOT has been killed in a plane crash in Gippsland. The tragedy happened when a plane crashed into a paddock in Tanjil South at 2.35pm. Police are at the scene, near Moe-Rawson Rd. The victim was the only person aboard. ........ Bob
  16. Can’t answer that Derek but this was last year and had .... “Cape Air Transport / Torres Strait” on the fin ..... Bob
  17. This is what the plate says ....... ANGEL A-44 VH - IOZ REACH OVERSEAS INC. PO Box 3085 ROADTOWN TORTOLA BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS
  18. Here it is . Had a close-up when in Mareeba last year .....Bob [FLO
  19. I know you mean “ per minute “ Turbs ! ...... Bob
  20. My employer used to employ Laggers to insulate high temperature steam pipes. They used to lay back amongst it and eat their lunch . All died at a very young age...... Bob
  21. Camel . Not sure why you gave a ‘caution’ . I posted a part of ERSA entry for general info. but mainly for telephone No’s ..... Bob
  22. GOONDIWINDI ERSA entry. HANDLING SERVICES AND FACILITIES MOBIL: Lowes Petroleum Services: AVGAS Bowser, Local Account Card Option only. AVBL H24 (No Carnet). Call-out fee BH $20, AH $100. JET A1 - Drum Fuel Only. Phone 07 4676 2207, Emergency 07 4671 5000.
  23. Today the sun was finally shining and the wind a gentle Nor-easter, so time to check out the new 'East Sale airspace VFR Transit Lane ( Delta 353' ) Transitted both ways at 1500' for better visibility, safety etc. etc. Living in the surrounding area ,and being familiar with the roads , towns and water storages, I tried navigating using the VNC solely, but found it easy to stray off course and, with oncoming aircraft , potentially at the same altitude and with a closing speed of maybe 200 Kts ........well. So, as the corridor is only about 2 nm wide it is important to give full attention to m
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