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Can’t remember it’s name but I read about it years ago.  It’s an American one off experimental built to be a flying caravan/home for a retired guy and his wife.  But it was under powered when complete and he was losing interest in it.  Was somewhere down south in the USA - can’t recall if it was Florida or Georgia. .  

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Yes, Googles algorithms find virtually everything that has ever been posted for public display. And I've spent 20 yrs fine-tuning my internet searching abilities.   As a little thread drift

That's it Kasper. The left wheel folded into a fairing on the right side of the fuselage, and the right wheel into a lefthand fairing. In 1998 Explorer Aircraft was established in Jasper, Texas, to co

Avid Explorer  when it was in Taree in 2012.

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Yes. Wilson Global Explorer. Sleeping accommodation for 7 persons. Was retired after flying from Australia to France in 1998. A smaller, single engine version, Global Explorer 2 was also built.




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