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Silly aviation pictures.


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15 minutes ago, red750 said:

The numbers indicate which aircraft carrier it is. eg.: USS Gerald Ford is No. 78.  No. 65 is the USS Enterprise.


Don't land on the wrong carrier


Here's what happens when you land on the wrong aircraft carrier - The  Aviation Geek Club


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The "I" in the registration letters is photoshopped. There is no "I" used in French aircraft registration letters.


The French use only F-GAAA to F-HZZZ and F-JAAA to F-JZZZ, there is no F-IAAA to F-IZZZ.

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I was at Heliflite today - the distributors of Robinson helicopters. A new R22 has rego VH-A22. CASA is holding back on letting Heliflite reserve R22 or any of the other VH*22 numbers.

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38 minutes ago, red750 said:

May be an image of golf buggy, boat and aircraft


C172 on a VW chassis.

I like it, but wouldn't be registerable in Australia - that pointy spinner wouldn't be great for pedestrians...

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